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Chinatown Comics Headlines

Chinatown Comics Features the Kung Fu Stories of MZ with Art of SCM Students
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Zen of Zhen in Chinatown Comics
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Chinatown Honors Buddha Zhen
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Chinatown Comics Features
the Kung Fu Stories of Buddha Zhen
with the Artworks of Shaolin Chi Mantis Students

Buddha Zhen by Disciple Bo

Started in Utah, we hoped to add this comic book production to our Tai Chi Youth curriculums.

The plans for our Tai Chi Youth school include production facilities to produce our own interactive and instructional videos for students.

Since we are going to be needing lots of graphics for our videos, CDs, DVDs, brochures, and advertising, Master Zhen hopes to provide a creative outlet for some of the more gifted artists of Shaolin Chi Mantis and Tai Chi Youth.

A couple of our Utah students submitted some really nice drawings for possible characters in our comic books. Some of the drawings of Master Zhen as a Mantis monster are really cool!

Buddha Zhen has plenty of stories to tell when we establish this comic book.


Zen of Zhen in Chinatown Comics

These Chinatown Comics stories provide a unique opportunity for Buddha Zhen to present ancient wisdoms, Buddhist theories, and exciting Kung Fu adventures for a younger audience.

Buddha Z Vertical PunchStriving for an ancient Chinese look with bright watercolor artworks, Buddha Zhen hopes to amuse the younger audiences with plenty of Kung Fu fighting, however, he is intent on building themes and moral lessons into all these stories for a wholesome influence on these younger minds.

"There are some real good Kung Fu TV series that have emerged in the last decade since we planned this project," explains Master Zhen Shen-Lang, author of the Chinatown Comics series. "Naruto, has some substance to it, unlike the Dragonball Z series that has become mindless violence with nothing to inspire young minds towards ethics or better behavior. I especially enjoy the AVATAR television series. There is some good writing in that series."

It will be interesting to see what unfolds when Tai Chi Youth and Shaolin Chi Mantis are able to begin producing the dozens of projects already authored by Master Zhen.

Chinatown Comics will be a new way for youth to be enlightened by the Zen of Zhen.

Chinatown Honors Buddha Zhen

The San Francisco Chinatown New Year's Parade may be the largest Chinese event in America.

Budda Z Monk SpadeThe Jing Mo school, founded by Grandmaster Wong Jack Man (the guy who beat up Bruce Lee in the sixties), honored Buddha Zhen by inviting him to participate in the parade as a member of the Jing Mo school.

"I got a huge spear flag to carry and showed off a few of my moves when the school behind us started getting aggressive with their spear flags. With most of the Jing Mo highest ranking students at the front of the parade, I was kind of the caboose," laughs Buddha Zhen. "I was having fun keeping the younger students going in the parade and inspiring them to hold their flags high. So when the school behind us started getting testy -- well, I guess I felt protective."

"So, both in fun and to make sure the Jing Mo school didn't get stepped on, I started performing a couple 360 degree jumps and spins to ward them off a little. Of course this inspired the other school to try a little harder. It was all smiles and lots of fun as we showed off against each other. I made a lot of friends that day."



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